Nicole N. (the_hylozoist) wrote in neugames,
Nicole N.

XNA Studio Conferece

Well, today was quite busy for us as far as gaming went.

Ryan and I went off to the University to attend the XNA studio conference. I'll let him post more details ( it was mostly programming stuff, and it was over my head ) but it really inspired us more and it looks like an awesome program to work with. To anyone who caught our journal/blog from there - hello! It's a pleasure to see that our few seconds on screen got us some viewers. We're hoping to get things in full swing soon, what with the possibilities introduced to us through the conference.

Right now, we're going to work on some smaller, easier games as to not wreck The Collapse at all. Seeing some actual games done with this studio by people like us kind of changed my visuals for the game, so.. I'll be talking to Ryan about that, and perhaps doing a few doodles and stuff to explore some different styles.

So yes. To anyone who is dropping by; please add us to your watch list. We're really new to it all, but we're learning lots and already setting goals. I'm sure it'll be an entertaining ride.

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