December 27th, 2007


Whoaaa long time no update~

December's been busy, apparently - and now I have some time to update!

First off, Merry Christmas! Hope the season was good to everyone! The seasons' left us with some new games in our hands, and some access to a new system.

First off, the 360. Oh, how we love this machine. We both sat down when we ahd time in the Christmas bustle to play through Episode Two ( just two sittings, Ryan needed a break after a few attempts at the Magnusson + Strider part :P ) but since he'd beaten it already it was quite fast to get through. A really great game, honestly, and a great continuation to the Half Life series. We enjoyed the new enemies ( when they weren't killing us ), the new uses for items ( Magnusson Device ), and the storyline and characters were just as smooth as ever. While the game went event-travel-event-travel over and over, the events were always engaging and fresh, and the travels were rarely boring, if you were interested in completing achievements.

I also took some time to get through Portal. I've never, ever beat an FPS before ( shame, I know! ) but I've had experience via pansy Gary's Mod playing to know controls and physics and such. I had some trouble on the later levels, but did fine for the most part on my own. Ryan did a part or two because I couldn't quite get everything synchronized. There was a part or two, as well, where I got trapped falling through portals continuously. I think I'll take a moment or two to go back and get the free fall achievement.

As well, the new system I mentioned? Our little brother got a PSP. We will likely do nothing on it, but at least now it's an option and we can toy with it if we'd like.

Well, that's all for the playing front.. now onto the development side.

We've both recently fallen in love with Carcassonne, after playing it on Live Arcade and then Ryan gifting it to me and buying two expansion sets, playing it several times over the course of the holidays. It's a German-style board game - very simple, but can get pretty complicated via player choices. We're goign to try to design a boardgame in January in this style, to get ourselves motivated. Design some simple rules, make tiles and pieces, and then squeeze out problems and such. Maybe make it a few expansions.

We've been lazy, but with Ryan going to be living in our parent's house soon for University, we'll have lots of time to get stuff done!