Nicole N. (the_hylozoist) wrote in neugames,
Nicole N.

First Feedback

Hope you don't mind that I did this, Ryan.. haha.

Today I was talking with one of my friends ( Justin, gr12, is top of his class in programming ) about XNA and the conference yesterday, and as we talked I figured, hell - Justin loves games, loves coding.. why not share ideas and see if we can get some very early feedback?

I shared the basic plot, stat system, and gun system, got some helpful comments back from him. When you see this, Ryan, let me know and IM me so I can tell you exactly what. But yes - as a developer talking to someone who is only interested in playing games, it was neat to see how he reacted. I'll be talking with him more tomorrow, perhaps even writing down questions ( like, what do you want to see in the game? ) but it's pretty exciting to share just a fraction of what is planned and get such an excited, approving response.

I've also started doing some concept art stuff on my end. I've vectored an image of an important location in the game, and it's a good place to start picking apart - once you have something solid and tangible, it's easy to say, "Well, this feature should be like this, and I don't like that piece there, why not do this..." I've also started doodling ideas for character design - I had initially envision a pixelated, detailed, classic game looking style with characters in proper proportion a la Street Fighter or Double Dragons. After seeing demos of games yesterday, I was inspired by the simple, clear brilliance of the graphics, and think perhaps another style is more appropriate - like PinkySt toys, or Twilight Princess. Of course, this'll be shared and decided with Ryan, but I think it's a good idea to get opinions from outside.

A.      King of Fighters
B.      Kira Kira Music Hour

So, I'm throwing a question out there. For a serious, almost macabre themed game, which style do you think is better for the game? A or B?

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